Giuseppe…The Only Thing Interesting About My Week.


After a crazy two weeks, I am enjoying a very unproductive day off complete with a few hours of 1999 era Sex and the City episodes and quality Giuseppe time.  While I’ve been spending too many hours at the office, Giuseppe has been hanging out at my parents’ house, bonding with Romeo and stealing his toys.  But today he is all mine.

Giuseppe and Romeo


I am happy to report that we have almost completely house trained him (although we did have a random accident this morning…he must have known I was going to brag about him today), and he rolls over on command.  He actually doesn’t even need a command.  He sees a treat, and he automatically rolls over.   He’s also starting to develop a quirky personality, and he LOVES attention.  I never knew not having the time to throw his stuffed bunny around for him at 7:30 am would cause such guilt.

I also realized that I haven’t uploaded pictures of him in a few weeks (goodness…I’m starting to sound like a crazy mommy).  And since I haven’t done anything exciting except work this past week (well, that, and organize a very successful job fair), I can always default on puppy pictures!     

Giuseppe in the drawer


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