Dog Days of Summer

My baby puppy is turning 11 weeks tomorrow, and he has been in our home for 2 weeks.  I’m amazed at what an amazing little creature he is turning out to be, and Aaron and I are having a blast with him.  COMPLETELY amused at his ability to remain entertained after 30 minutes of fetch.  Thus far he is not at all destructive (happy to report that all my shoes, curtains, power cords, and rugs are still intact), and he is very sweet and playful.  We are making very SLOW progress toward housetraining, but it is still a work in progress.

He is growing so fast, and even though I know Westies turn into adorable adults, I’m sad that he won’t be a puppy forever.  All I can do is take lots of pictures and enjoy his cuteness and curiosity.   And wonder how real mothers deal with their sweet babies growing up. 

Trying to eat the camera

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