Plethora of Puppy Pictures From a Proud (and very tired) Dog Mom

Trying to respond to my emails at work

I truthfully don’t know how women work and have kids and manage to get anything done.  These first few days with Giuseppe have validated the stay-at-home lifestyle.  And wine.  If possible, I am a bigger believer in the powers of wine than I was 5 days ago.  And I don’t even have half the obligations of a real mom. 

For me, the next month at work is going to be a doozy.   Meanwhile, I get up three times a night with Giuseppe (welcome to the stereotype:  Aaron doesn’t even wake up while all this commotion is going on), and spend every non working hour outside with him in an attempt to house train, or following him around trying to teach him the difference between good chew (Martha Stewart bone) and bad chew (rugs, plants, puppy pads, paper, toes, clothes, leashes, power cords, etc. etc. etc.).   Westies are known for their intelligence, their independence, and their intense stubbornness, and I completely agree on all counts. 

The laundry went unfolded for a few days.  The house is a mess.  I haven’t exercised since getting back from Jamaica, but I’m losing weight because I don’t have time to eat more than a slice of cheese, a handful of peanuts, and 3 glasses of wine a day.  I have 2 other blog posts that I wanted to post but both are only about half way done.  I’ve been responsible for another creature for 4 days and I already feel like I’ve lost all “me” time.  At least in a couple of months Giuseppe should be relatively self-sufficient and I should be able to leave the room without causing him to have  a major crisis.


Meanwhile when I’m not discussing organizational budgets and parliamentary procedure, all I talk about is the puppy and all I do is take pictures of how cute the puppy is.  I will never again judge moms who ramble about their newborns as if they are the first newborn to ever take a bath or burp or whatever.  I feel like my puppy is the cutest and the smartest and the most well-behaved.  Luckily, he is also starting to become quite the model.  Despite all the long nights and tired, often frustrating days cleaning up puppy pee from the kitchen floor, all I have to do is look at this cute little guy, and I am completely happy with our decision to welcome him into our family.

Asleep with his tongue hanging out



Under the dishwasher


Our first bath


Wet puppy


I don't know if he walks around the block as much as he is carried



Providing a ride to his froggy friend


Fell asleep in his water bowl


Cannot handle the cute. This is why I can't get mad at him

3 thoughts on “Plethora of Puppy Pictures From a Proud (and very tired) Dog Mom

  1. he is SO CUTE! it’s hard just having a new dog who is adjusting to your lifestyle and learning dos, don’ts and your patterns, but it’s EVEN HARDER when he is still a little baby dog! I’m sure that in a few weeks you’ll look back and be thankful that he sleeps through the night and only has one or two accidents a day, and then two weeks after that you’ll read this post and chuckle because life will have settled and it will be smooth sailing. It’s a 24/7 job to be a puppy parent huh? and you just want to mold them into respectable and well-rounded happy dogs? Real parents may not agree, but I think it’s pretty darn close to having kids (except that thankfully puppies become independent after only a few months 🙂 instead of years : / ) Keep your head up, don’t OD on wine, take tons of pictures (because when he’s big it’ll be hard to believe he was ever this small) and I can’t wait to meet him!

    • Thanks 🙂 He’s actually being very good so far, and even though I won’t miss the teething and the lack of housetraining, I will be sad when I can’t just scoop him up and carry him around.

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