What to Pack on Your Jamaica Vacation

Welcome to Paradise

So, I realized that I haven’t updated or even obsessively looked at the stats on my blog for over a month.  Since this probably isn’t the best blogging practice, I figured I better hop back in the game and start writing again now that the Jamaican vacation is 48 hours over and I don’t have to work out quite as much or scramble around trying to get ready to leave the country.  Plus, next week we get our puppy, Giuseppe (!) and I may have to fall off the planet while I play responsible dog mom for a few weeks.

So I spent the last week in Jamaica.  AMAZING.  There really is too much to write about for one blog post, so this is the first in a series of travelling to the land of sun and reggae.

PART 1: What to Pack on Your Jamaican Vacation

I am of the “always be prepared” school of thinking.  While this doesn’t apply to say leaving, 15 minutes early in case of unforeseen circumstances like car accidents or unusually long security lines, I do always try and have any necessary products that might come in handy.  This is why the bags I carry are usually bigger than I am.

Before cramming everything into my suitcase (which Aaron graciously uncrammed than packed again in organized fashion), this was my inventory.  I had shoes for walking on the beach, shoes for walking around the airport, shoes for casual evenings, shoes for more formal evenings, and shoes for working out (which I did once!).  I had several outfits to match each possible
scenario including sweaters in case it got cold, 5 days worth of workout clothes, and of course more than enough bikinis which did come in handy for morning swimming and evening hot tubbing.

Here are my other “must-have” items for vacationing on in the Caribbean.

1. Sunscreen: The sun is brutal.  Even after multiple applications, we still got a little red.  We fared far better than the average sunburn person we saw walking around.  Tan is cute.
Peeling Lobster is not.   Bringing it from home is cheaper than buying it at the resort shop.

The drink is pretty...and the manicure is intact!

2. Gel Manicure: after hearing rave reviews, I got one myself and I am a devoted fan.  It dries almost instantly, and looks just like regular polish.  After
a week of splashing in the ocean (not to mention an intense pre-vacation house cleaning), my manicure is still completely intact!

One look down, and these are lost at the bottom of the sea!

3. Cheap Sunglasses:  My $80 Coach Outlet sunglasses got submerged in the pool, were worn in the middle of the ocean, got rained on, were left in the sand, and in general got a good beating.  If I had worn an expensive pair, I might be pretty mad about the damage that was done.

4. Underwater Camera: I found them for about $11 at Target while they were $20 at the resort.  This ensures you can have some crazy underwater pictures OR some good pictures of your snorkeling adventure. Equally awesome: Friend Katie lent us her camera sleeve protector thing that she found on Amazon.com which allows you to take your regular camera

5. Dramamine:  4 out of the 8 people who went on boats got motion sickness.  Granted, we are a pretty landlocked bunch, but this little pill made the very bumpy Catamaran
Cruise much more enjoyable.

6. Curl Enhancing Mousse: The air is humid.  You are on a beach.  If you are trying to comb your hair, you will not only waste valuable beach time, but you will also have curly/wavy/kinky hair in minutes anyway.  I use Herbal Essences Totally Twisted, and my straight hair transforms into kind of wavy hair with the help of the humidity.

7. Insect Repellant: Paradise has a price, and in this case it is mosquitoes.  I didn’t use insect repellant, and 37 itchy little bites later, I kind of wish I had.

8. Snorkel Set: Yes, they have them at the resort, but I can’t help thinking of the yucky person who bit down on that mouth piece before I did.  We got ours at Costco for about $40 each.

9. A willingness to try new things and have a ton of fun!: During this trip I conquered my fear of snorkeling and water tubing, learned how to sail, and made friends with people from all over the country.  I had an absolutely wonderful time, and we are already dreaming of our next Caribbean vacation!

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