Snow, Farming, Running, & Fab Hats

I am sitting here, huddled in a blanket, wondering why in the world it is snowing on May 1st.  Since I am NOT a cold weather person to begin with, a mid-spring snow storm is torture enough, but when if falls on the day of my first 10-K race AND when our little veggie garden sprouts have just made their debut, then I kind of want to take Weather’s head and smash it against a wall a few times until I knock some sense into it. 

First, our veggie garden.  I’m not sure what prompted Farmer Aaron to buy a bunch of seeds and create little rows of farming goodness, but a few weeks ago I found a corner of my front yard cultivated and watered.  Having a farm in the front yard assures it will not become a Giuseppe salad bar, plus, I won’t have to see little broccoli all over the place in the backyard when I’d rather look at more pretty flowers.

I have no idea what this actually is....


Our farm consists of lettuce, tomatoes, okra, broccoli, cilantro, peppers, ornamental gourds, and green beans.  Ultimately this should save us a little money, and I’d like to think we’re helping the environment.  Our veggies will not require a large truck to use up gas driving across the city to deliver from farm to grocery store, and we will not need to use up gas to go to the grocery store, AND we will use less plastic/paper bags if we don’t buy as much at the grocery store.  Maybe?

So, it is supposed to freeze tonight, which means that our little veggie garden may not make it til tomorrow.  The Lavender In-Laws offered to lend us old sheets to cover up our little farm, but I just can’t bring myself to have rags all over the front yard.  If they survive, great, we get fresh okra.  If not, well, Sunflower is right down the street and neighbors won’t judge me.

While our veggies are shivering in their roots, I was pretty darn cold myself this morning at 8:30 as we ran 6.2 miles in Albuquerque’s biggest race, the Run for the Zoo.  All weather complaints aside, I am REALLY excited about our (but really my) results. (NOTE: Because we didn’t want to haul a camera around and the race doesn’t provide photos, we don’t actually have photographic evidence of the event…but we were there, I promise!).

I finished in 49 minutes and 18 seconds.  I placed 157th overall out of 1083 people, 22nd out of all 581 females, and 8th out of 106 females aged 25-29.  Considering I was the world’s largest couch potato only last summer, I’m pretty impressed with my performance.  Next stop, Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon! I’m not really even dreading the process.

This afternoon we got some Kona Brewing Company brews, which you may know have Hawaiian to English translations on the bottle caps.  These are the ones on our bottle caps.  Um, Universal Synchronization much?

Meanwhile (get ready to gag and feel bad about yourself), Aaron ran the 10-K in 40 minutes and 44 seconds (meaning a 6 minute and 34 second mile), and finished 27th overall.   This means that only a handful of Kenyans managed to finish before him.   This isn’t even mentioning the fact that he is a complete miracle worker for having transformed couch potato over here into a respectable runner. 

In other news, I braved Coronado Mall again yesterday, a Saturday, (really, kind of a scary venture) and stumbled upon an everything 40% off sale at Banana Republic, and absolutely couldn’t resist picking up this fabulous (or, as the gay associate said, “sassy”) floppy hat for my upcoming Jamaica vacation.  Every once in awhile I experience true love with an article of clothing or an accessory.  This was one of those times. 

Cheers to a warmer future, AND minimal soreness tomorrow.

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