And They Lived Happily Ever After

It is 4:13 am.  While most people are still happily sleeping, I am happily sitting on top of my television (the volume is low because for the first time ever, I’m up before Aaron on a weekday…he’ll be up in about 15 minutes).  I’m also sitting like a goon with my camera ready to capture the moments as they unfold on my TV, as if I’m really a guest taking pictures of my friends.

After having to endure the longest walk down the aisle EVER (no poor girl should ever have to walk 5 minutes just to get across the church), Kate looks STUNNING.  The girl is becoming a Princess, yet she looks very elegant and understated with a short train (relatively speaking), and a dress she can actually sit in designed by the house of Alexander McQueen (a very un-princess brand).  She channeled Grace Kelly and looked beautifully vintage.

As Kate was walking down the aisle, William and Harry had their backs turned to her.  Harry turned around, as she got closer, snickered, and turned and said something to William.  I am DYING to know what he said, because it didn’t look like he said, “WOW, she is beautiful.”

Good boy Prince William did tell her she looked beautiful, but I’m wondering how much coaching they got on how to act.  Getting married is nerve wreaking enough without having cameras broadcasting your every move to a judgmental world.  I’m wondering if their wedding rehearsal included a PR person telling them when they could smile, when they could talk to each other, and when they  had to look at the officiate. They are acting rather solemn and serious (a little nervous perhaps), but I imagine the sheer scope of Westminster Abbey and the Boy’s Choir would make anyone take the matter rather seriously. 

Meanwhile, I must say that I feel the intense need to go hat shopping.   Kate and William may get the prize for having the most fashionable friends (even though I have yet to see miss Posh Spice).  The women in the audience (congregation?) are wearing some outrageous hats, and of course Sir. Elton is looking dapper. 

Princess Beatrice wins the Hat Award!


It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside…


Other noteworthy details….

1)      The wedding register is being signed in a private room where a king who died in the 1000’s is buried.  How romantic.

2)      The royal couple are riding off into the sunset (well, overcast morning) in the same carriage used by Charles and Diana (hopefully not a sign of things to come). 

3)      Kate’s something borrowed was a Cartier tiara, on loan from the Queen whose mother gave it to her for her 18th birthday.

4)       One of the flower girls is the daughter of Prince William’s childhood nanny.  HOW SWEET!

5)      Not all of the Middletons were invited to the reception, so they are having their own back at the hotel.  I’m guessing that party will be more fun unless you like stately dinners.

It is now 5:12.  (Aaron is up and looking at me like I’m a crazy person because I am taking pictures of the TV).  The Prince and Princess are riding off into the overcast, crowded London streets to Buckingham Palace.  Fulfilling the fantasies of young girls everywhere, the literal fairy tale princess wedding did not disappoint.  I couldn’t be happier for Princess Kate, and if any couple deserved the attention and the pageantry of today, it was absolutely this kind, generous, beautiful couple.

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