Happy Surprises!

This has been a come early, leave late type of week, and I got home from work today wanting nothing more than to just face plant into bed and stay there until 3:30am when I will wake up to watch the Royal Wedding (oh yes, I will be up!).  If you can’t be invited to the wedding of the century, then watching it on broadcast television in pj’s with a cup of coffee across the world is a close second!

So, despite my drained disposition and my intense cupcake and wine craving, I came home to some happy surprises.  First, we got new puppy pictures! Giuseppe is now 3 weeks old, his eyes are open, and he does a lot of sleeping and eating!


Perhaps he knows that he has a grandma prepared Easter basket waiting for him!

I also came home to find…my passport! I was worried for a few days with talks of government shut-downs, but I got it back in about 3 weeks with plenty of time to spare! I can officially get out of the country and into Jamaica (and (more importantly) back in again)  I’m a little sad that the new passport doesn’t have my old stamps and visas (though they added a bunch of computer generated pictures since I got the last one), but I guess I’ll just have to go more places and get new ones!

Tomorrow…a royal wedding recap! For now, cupcakes and wine!

4 thoughts on “Happy Surprises!

    • Thanks! The plan is to get him at 8 weeks, which is right around the corner, so we are getting pretty excited. Nova looks adorable!

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