British (wedding) Invasion


So, for those of you who didn’t know (or live under a rock), this Friday my boyfriend, Prince William, will be marrying Kate Middleton.  Naturally I’m pretty excited not only because Prince William is my boyfriend, but because Kate Middleton, just a regular millionaire commoner, will live out every girl’s fantasy of a Princess wedding…except at the end she really will be a princess. 

I am a little obsessed with Kate Middleton.  She has flawless style, she always looks amazing, and, when she finally got around to an interview post engagement, it turns out that she has a pleasant and witty personality.  Can I just be her please?

Anyway, in celebration of the upcoming nuptials, I am in a very British mindset, and thought I’d share my favorite British things to help spread the wedding joy!

1)  Kiera Knightley as a Bridesmaid: Although she isn’t my favorite British thing,  I’m kind of happy that even she can’t get out of tragic bridesmaid dresses (she was a bridesmaid in her brother’s wedding this weekend).


2) Amy Winehouse: I love the soul of British pop singers.  Adele and Duffy are always blasting in my house.  But Amy Winehouse is beyond favorite.  Her voice, her lyrics, her 60’s vibe.  I’m cheering for her sober recovery because I need another Amy album.


3) Burberry: If I could embody any brand, it would be Burberry.  Plaid, Preppy, and fresh off a horse ride (or polo game), just in for High Tea.  If Hermonine approves, you know it is a sure thing.

4) Harry Potter:  I once read books 1-5 in 6 days and really thought I was in their world, mumbling about “stupid muggles.”  I also have been to midnight movie releases and midnight book releases…dressed as a Hogwarts student.  And I may have had a Harry Potter party complete with Sorting Hat cake and themed snacks in 2007…

5) Jane Austen is my literary soulmate.  She gets me.  If we had lived in the same century, I may have stalked her.  I think if people talked the way she wrote, the world would be a much better place.  If all men acted like Mr. Darcy, then we wouldn’t need to dream about princess weddings…we’d dream about being Elizabeth Bennett. 


6) Love Actually:  I’m not sure if there is a good British actor out there who isn’t in this movie.  Great story, great cast, Christmastime, what more can you ask for?  I know I saw it 5 times in theaters (it did come out during Finals Week in my freshman year of college), and contributed to a “Love Actually Day” celebration.


7) And, from Love Actually, Thomas Sangster and Hugh Grant.  Thomas Sangster is just so amazingly precious in Love Actually, and he will be the perfect age when I am a Cougar (Aaron may have to step aside!).  And even though I know the real Hugh Grant is yucky and hangs out with yucky prostitutes, his movie persona makes me love him.  Colin Firth is just slightly behind these two in the dreaminess factor (PLUS he was Mr. Darcy)


Cheers to England, and Happy Royal Wedding Week!

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