Countdown to Jamaica…Lots of Weeks Out


So, as if I needed another reason to be obsessive over our upcoming Jamaica vacation (and by obsessive I mean I can tell you how many hours it’ll be til we land, weeks out) , we received a little surprise package on our doorstep yesterday morning, and in a perfectly packaged leather (faux leather?) portfolio, we found our vacation itinerary!

Ooooo! Luggage Tags!


Even though we still have quite a bit of time before we get to relax on the beach enjoying our all inclusive drinks/water sports/amenities, we are kind of already on vacation mode, and we’ve absolutely started preparing.

Our treadmill has seen much more usage in recent weeks as we try and get our bikini/Speedo bodies into shape.  We are going with 4 other couples, meaning there will be lots of pictures posted on facebook, and I’d rather look like Audrina Patridge than a beach “don’t” in those pictures.  If anyone sees me eating a donut, please, just knock the sucker out of my hand.  


The bikini is also hanging up reminding me of the upcoming vacation.  This really doesn’t provide much inspiration for weight loss, but for whatever reason I collect bikinis that I don’t wear.  I have about 15 and I wear maybe 1 a year.  I live in a desert and I don’t know anyone with a pool.  We don’t have much use for bikinis, yet I buy them compulsively.  As hard as I try, there is a good chance I will have acquired 2 more by the time we go on vacation.


I bought new flip flops.  I am a littler person than average.  I require slightly elevated shoes just to reach mid-level shelves and cabinets.  For whatever reason, flip flops are not typically made to accommodate this need.  Almost every year I have to order Roxy sandals online because finding elevated flip flops in stores is next to impossible.  Meanwhile Aaron is slowly breaking in the Rainbows I bought him two years ago.


I did find this new dress at a kiosk at the mall and thought it might be appropriate…but I don’t know how well received I would be walking around Jamaica with their flag as my halter dress.  Plus, I’m not too much of a mall kiosk shopper…


Unfortunately I decided to wait until the last minute to change my name on my passport, so while I may have the itinerary, and the body, and the shoes, and the bikini(s), I have yet to receive the one thing I need to actually make it out of the country.  At least the Government Shut-Down was avoided, so it should be arriving in the mail soon.  And then I can go back to dreaming about paradise…

5 thoughts on “Countdown to Jamaica…Lots of Weeks Out

  1. we get a vacation itinerary?! haven’t gotten it yet 😦 also 1. we should make a pact to not post any unflattering fb pictures of eachother 2. I will have bought enough outfits for a 10 day vacation 3. have you guys booked any extras or excursions? 4. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!

  2. We paid the balance a couple of days early, so I’m sure yours in the mail! I’m down with that pact. We haven’t booked any extras or excursions…I told Aaron to pick on as his birthday present, but we are torn between beach massages, golf, and an excursion. Have you guys booked any yet?

  3. Hey I want in on the pact. We should get together the wkend before and all get pedicures and any last minute bathing suit or flip flop shopping!! 🙂 I cant wait!

  4. I definitely am going to book the sunset sailing thing and maybe a private dinner, Dave is going deep sea fishing one day, and I really want to do something like beach horse back riding or zip lining another day. But I will be sleeping on the beach for everything in between 🙂

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