My Journey to the Masters

ph: Rodrigo Vega:

I’ve decided to become a pro golfer!  Out of all the sports, it seems to be the easiest option, plus, it can’t be all that bad if I can wear knee high tights and yellow heels while playing!

Like Easter...but with no chocolate.

Before yesterday, I had never stepped foot on a real golf course.  I’ve been to country clubs and I’ve used golf course trails for my walking/running pleasure.   I’ve even played Putt Putt with high school boyfriends, but even then it’s been about 10 years (yikes).  I suppose it is safe to say that I’m not going to be pulling a Masters upset anytime soon, but a girl can dream!

Umm...which is which?


Meanwhile, even though he hasn’t played in years, Aaron lived in Phoenix  for 2 years where golf is a part of life, dated a girl whose father designed golf courses, and played every weekend with his WASPy Civil Engineering coworkers.  Basically, golf is yet another sport where he looks good without even trying.

He shoots, he scores!


We’ve lived across from a golf course for over a year now.  This spring we’ve been doing a lot of walking around the perimeter, and we started making a hobby out of finding and collecting golf balls along the path.  Now that we have a collection of balls, we decided to take advantage of the driving range next door and start taking up some golf.  Now that we are getting up there in years, we need to start practicing for our retirement!

Hopefully with the range this empty, I won't injure anyone!


Wait...where'd it go?

So for not playing for years, Aaron is actually kind of a golf stud.  I managed to hit the ball. Turns out that in itself is an accomplishment.   I have high hopes of one day hitting it and having it go in the direction I want it to.  

We only ventured as far as the driving range and putting green, but I wouldn’t mind putting on my best plaid shorts and pink polo, grabbing hold of a golf cart, and hitting some balls on a warm afternoon in the future!  I probably wouldn’t turn down  a tee time cocktail either.

This brings back high school memories! Where's the windmill?


I got distracted and stalked this little guy until I got a good picture!

One thought on “My Journey to the Masters

  1. yay for golf! We finally got a set of clubs and D is intent on golfing this summer…we just need a few lessons first :/ Plus, I can’t play the course, I get too tired and frustrated, I just like the driving range! hit the crap outta some balls 😀 I’m always down for driving the cart and drinking Arnie Palmers on the course tho!

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