Helicopter Puppy Parents

Weve got to teach him about his heritage!

We are going to be Helicopter Puppy Parents.  The term, often used to describe the parents of my millennial generation, means that they “hover” over their children and spend a lot of time and money to make sure their children succeed in life.

Even though Giuseppe probably won’t open his eyes for another day or two,  I have been searching this last week for all the best in puppy products.  Aaron has been researching the proper way to raise Westies, and even though he pretends he will be an easy going dad,  he’s already trying to find ways to hawk proof the backyard (and the neighborhood).  BUT, even though they are readily available in our neighborhood, I think I will draw the line at feeding the puppy its preferred dinner of choice…raw rabbit.  YUCK. 

We scoped out PetsMart the other day, and of course I was excited by their Martha Stewart line! But I think Etsy.com will be my one stop puppy shopping  website! Giuseppe will be one stylin little puppy!

Burberry Inspired Collar

I checked…Burberry doesn’t have a pet line, so this is a good fake!

I LOVE this toy! Too bad it will be destroyed


I want stuff that matches my house as much as possible.  Nothing too cutesy or crafty.  I found the perfect pillow bed at Pottery Barn, even though it might be a little out of a reasonable price range.

Of course, Mom needs a gift after all this too!  I’m thinking this nice Louis dog carrier will tote little Giuseppe around quite nicely!  Well… maybe AFTER he’s potty trained!

Happy Sunday!

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