Puppy Lavender

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Aaron and I have now been married for almost a year and a half.  At this point, most couples start discussing the “C” possibility, but we are not there yet.  Quite frankly, the thought of having babies sort of causes me to have an anxiety attack, so I figure I should probably get over that before we start seriously thinking about taking on the responsibility of growing a human who won’t leave for 18 years.   

If kids are on hold, the obvious next step in our marriage journey is of course the puppy.     It seems like a puppy is kind of an intermediate step.  Like, if we can keep the puppy alive and out of trouble, then maybe we have a chance of not completely sucking as parents (NOTE: I get that a puppy is a living creature, not a baby test run). 

Google Images

Last year we ran into a Friend at Flying Star, and she had her little white fur ball of a puppy with her.  The dog wouldn’t stop smiling at us.  I decided I loved him, and that is how the Lavender West Highland Terrier obsession was started.  Turns out Westies aren’t easy to come by.  They are show quality, pure bred super models commonly used in advertising (both the Juicy Couture dogs and the Cesar Dog Food dogs are Westies). 

We also got set on the idea of getting a newborn so we could raise it from birth without worrying about emotional issues from previous owners.  With that in mind, we did decide to go through a breeder.  I feel kind of bad admitting this since it seems like such a politically incorrect thing to do, but I have every confidence that our breeder doesn’t run a puppy mill, and I know that the many dogs in Animal Humane and in shelters have a much better chance of being adopted than the millions of foster children and orphans who will spend their entire childhood being passed around the system.  

ANYWAY, our puppy was born last week on April 4th!  As of Monday he is a 13 ounce palm-sized little thing who won’t open his eyes until he is about 14 days old.  In 8 weeks we will be able to bring him home where he will be the most spoiled little puppy that ever lived.

Sent to us by our breeder

He will most likely be named Giuseppe, but Boddington is also an option.  Boddington is the name of a very tasty beer, but he wouldn’t necessarily be named after the beer as much as we think Boddington is a cute puppy name, slightly reminiscent of Paddington the Bear.  Aaron thinks a British beer name is more appropriate than an Italian name for a Scottish breed, but we will probably wait until we get to meet him before we decide for sure.

Thanks to Google Images!

Until then, I’ve already picked out his puppy accessories (he will be a very preppy dog I’ve decided), and we are getting excited to welcome the new little guy into our home!

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