Cheers to ABQ Beer Week!


Albuquerque has organized itself a beer week!  We are actually in the midst of it right now, though there isn’t too much going on aside from drink specials around town.  The main event will be the Blues and Brews festival at Sandia Resort and Casino on Saturday (of course we’re going).  Last weekend (which wasn’t actually part of Beer Week), we did the Will Run For Beer and then proceeded to go out to La Cumbre Brewing Company for their NM Brewers Guild Cask Ale Festival.  If not part of Beer Week, these two events certainly got us into the spirit!

La Cumbre is a fairly new microbrewery… only a few months old at this point.  It is run by the brew master who made Chama River Brewing Company into one of the best in town,  and his wife who carries their newborn around in a front pack.  It is in kind of an interesting neighborhood on Girard and Candelaria, surrounded by industrial shops and slightly sketchy apartment buildings.  But once you get inside, it is definitely a laid back, beer lover’s candy store.  Also, every time I’ve gone (unless we had friends with us), guys (mostly middle aged) outnumbered females about 5 to 1, so definitely not a great place to score a date unless you are in the middle aged man market (I’m guessing most of them have wives).

Notice the owner with the front pack baby

Last Saturday they hosted a cask festival with 16 different beers from breweries around the state.  Unfortunately more than half of these were IPA, which I think taste too much like household cleaners for me to drink.  But I probably wouldn’t have been able to test my way through the whole list anyway, so it worked out.

Notice most of the IPAs aren't crossed off

My favorite still goes to the Sleeping Dog Stout from Chama River, but La Cumbre has a mighty tasty Malpais Stout.  They have a strict three beer limit, which is good because these brews are a little more potent (and better tasting obviously) than your average Bud Light. 

Me, getting handed my pint of Sleeping Dog Stout


So, here’s to Albuquerque Beer Week! Make sure and support your local breweries and have a pint!

Yes, this was taken from inside the bathroom...

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