Mojito Sunday (aka It Should Be Warmer)

For the most part, I love spring.  After a long cold winter (especially this last one where we had record breaking low temperatures), I love warmness, dining el fresco, blooming flowers, walking outside without 5 layers of clothes, and extended sunshine.

Unfortunately, with spring comes other, less enticing traits including wind, allergies, and temperature inconsistencies.  Today was one of those not so great spring days.  After a couple of weeks of warm weather to get us excited, I woke up to my heater going off and the wind howling away.  I opted to wear a sundress to lunch with my parents anyway, but I realized it was a major mistake during the walk from the car to the restaurant (apologies to the nice people who had to see more of Amy than they wanted to).

Despite the wind, cold, and miserableness, Aaron still spent two hours outside creating what will become our veggie garden (meanwhile I stayed warmly inside catching up on Real Housewives of Orange County).  He came in, went to grab dinner and came back with all the fixings for a “It should be warmer outside” mojito celebration.

Even though we couldn’t actually enjoy our mojitos on the patio, the summery taste of mint and lime helped us  at least  pretend that the weather was more favorable, AND that we were sipping our drinks poolside in Jamaica….(soon enough!).

We also got the chance to debut the bounty of our Mojito mint which is starting to grow uncontrollably!

First, we crushed about 10 mint leaves per glass (we have neither high ball glasses nor a muddler, so we used water glasses and the end of a spatula… and planned for a trip to Williams Sonoma ).

Then we squeezed the juice of one lime into each glass.

Next we added 2 and a half tablespoons of simple syrup to each glass.  This actually works better than sugar which tends to not dissolve fast enough.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a mojito without the rum, so we added a little less than 3 shots of  Cruzan each. 

In his surprise quest for mojito fixings, Aaron forgot the club soda.  We substituted our stash of San Pellegrino, and this worked out perfectly! We added enough to each glass to fill it up, then garnished with a mint sprig and lime wedge.

We had our perfect mojito!

NOTE: On our second round we used the cocktail shaker to mix up the uncarbonated ingredients together before pouring them in the glass….actually we tried mixing all the ingredients but the San Pellegrino caused an explosion, so it is not recommended!

Cheers to warmer weather in our near future!

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