Will Run For Beer

Courtesy of Divine Proportion (you can see both of us if you look close)

When I first started dating Aaron, we were having the “what are we?” talk,  and he asked me to be his girlfriend, and without skipping a beat, also asked if I would run a half marathon with him…in the same sentence.  Was that my price to pay for the privilege of being his girlfriend? I agreed in a “sure….that’ll happen” kind of way.  Aaron competes in Ironman Triathlons.  For him, a half marathon is a Sunday morning workout.

Well, that was almost three years ago, and I figured this couch potato could safely forget about the half-marathon condition, especially since we were now married and he couldn’t back out so easily if I refused! I guess I was not so lucky. 

We are planning on running a half marathon in September.  To get ready, we are obviously running a lot, buying really cute athletic clothes (well, me anyway), and doing some shorter distance races.  When I saw the Will Run for Beer 5-K advertised, I knew this was a race after my own heart.  Low pressure, and an after party at my favorite microbrewery, Chama River Brewing Company. 

The race was great.  It was hosted by Divine Proportion and capped at 400 runner/walkers, so much smaller than Run for the Zoo.  Despite the pleasant temperatures all week, Saturday hit a rather warm 85 degrees making the very unshaded course a little hot.  Times were taken manually as opposed to having a chip timer, so it really wasn’t a serious race as much as an excuse to have some beers at Chama afterward!

The finish line area

Photo courtesy of Divine Proportions

Photo courtesy of Divine Proportions

The Lavenders made out pretty well.  Aaron ran the course in 19.55, coming in 6th overall and 2nd in his age group, which won him a snazzy beer cup.  I ran the course in my best time ever, 24.10!  I finished 36th overall and 6th in my age group! 

Snazzy Beer Cup Trophy

He's so happy that he won his Beer Cup! (photo courtesy of Divine Proportions)


We ran, and we got Chama beer!


Chama was packed with runner people!

Despite my best efforts, I am kind of enjoying running and racing.  I plan on doing the 10-K at Run for the Zoo in a month.  Aaron might make a runner of this girl yet!

Aaron crossing the finish line! 19.55 (photo courtesy of Divine Proportions)

A lady on the sidelines is yelling at the guy behind me to catch me... he didn't! (photo courtesy of Divine Proportions)

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