Friday Night Hike

The Lavenders are doing a 5-K race this morning, so last night, instead of our usual run, possibly compromising our racing speed, we decided to take advantage of the amazing weather and late evening daylight and go for a Friday hike in the foothills.

Rock climbing is not my forte

I love my mountains.  If I had ultimate power, I would take the Sandias and plop them next to whatever city I lived in.   Unfortunately I also have an irrational fear of rattlesnakes, so during the hot summer months, I am perfectly happy just looking at them from afar as opposed to actually hiking in them.  But this time of year, the trails are relatively rattlesnake free, so I had no problem being nature girl for an hour.


Yesterday we opted to go to the Embudito Trail at the top of Glenwood Hills between Montgomery and Manitoba. The trail was DRY.  Without a doubt a small mistake could easily start a fire like the one that broke out  this week at the top of Menaul and Tramway.  Kind of amazing how venerable this dynamic habitat is.  

But otherwise, the trees are blooming and birds are unhibernating.  We even found a small stream of run-off (we did slightly venture off the approved trail, but Aaron is kind of a mountain man who really knows his way around the foothills, so I trusted his judgment). 

Aaron was in charge of the pictures (hence the 10 or so taken of my backside as I hiked down in front of him), and his Android Retro Camera really makes the trail look amazing. 


Happy Trails!

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