The Time Change Hangover: Surviving the Day After

The Soundtrack of My Life: Monday, Monday by the Mammas and the Pappas

Waking up on most Monday mornings isn’t the most awesome part of life, but I am usually ready to take on the week after a cup of coffee and some Matt, Meredith, Ann, and Al .  Because Aaron wakes up at 4:30am every weekday,  getting up  for him is bloody awful any morning no matter what day it is.

However, today was the Monday after the Spring Forward time change.  Even the promise of extended afternoon sunshine wasn’t enough to get the Lavenders through the Monday blues.  (Couple that with reading about people in Japan coping with the death of loved ones while also starving with no relief in sight, and I wasn’t too interested in facing the world this morning*).

I know it is just one stupid, measly hour.  Really, it shouldn’t make THAT a big difference.  Even interstate travel from one time zone to the next doesn’t seem to make too much of an impact.  But the time change? That throws us for a loop and leaves us disorientated for at least 2 days, even when we gain an hour in the morning.   

Maybe it’s going to bed before it feels right.  Maybe it’s the waking up every hour worried that the alarm is still on daylight savings time.  Or maybe it’s waking up when my body KNOWS it is an hour too early. In any case, sleep was restless, and waking up was not fun.

Two days ago, this was 4:41 am.

Today is Maximum Caffeine Monday (a term coined by one of my old co-workers).

Even Aaron, who doesn’t drink coffee except for rare occasions, knew he would need some this morning for his 5:15 am commute.  I made him reminders in case he was too sleepy to remember.


Made cooler by Retro Camera

I’m kind of a coffee junkie anyway, so I have a caffeine corner with all the necessary tools to keep myself hyped up on legal stimulants. 

Cup 1 was enough to actually make it so that I wasn’t literally sleep walking.  Cup 2 helped my eyes open.

Aaron took his coffee to go.  Since he doesn’t drink coffee in the first place, his first cup got him through the entire day.  I got cups 3 and 4 at the office (you know you are working at a good place when the office coffee stash is as good as what you would buy for yourself!)

We both managed to make it through the day, and we are now enjoying the evening daylight.  In just a few more hours, we will get to wake up too early all over again.

Sweet Dreams!

– A&A

*On a side note, please consider donating to the Japan relief effort.  I’ve seen several ways to go about it, but the American Red Cross is definitely a good starting point. (

One thought on “The Time Change Hangover: Surviving the Day After

  1. TOTALLY FEEL YOU on this one. I thought the same thing — its just an hour! Why is this so hard?? ::sigh:: but it WAS nice taking the pup to the park at 6p last night in the daylight. That helped today, a LITTLE.

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